Ever since I can remember, my passion has been photography. I’ve always been searching for beauty and trying to capture special moments and places. I focus on travel photography, interiors, culinary, lifestyle and drone shots.  

I live in Brussels and Krakow, but I am photographing worldwide. 

I’m happy to work with restaurants, hotels and agricultural tourism, printed and online magazines, film and TV producers and art directors, travel agencies and tour operators and small brands, but I’m also happy to take other commercial or artistic photos for you – simply email me and we’ll work out the details together.   

I help restaurant and hotel owners create an attractive visual business card, because I believe that a beautiful picture says more than a thousand words. Where others see an ordinary place, I see potential. I do projects for the tourism industry (hotels, rural tourism, guesthouses, vacation homes) and restaurants, designers, small businesses and brands, telling stories through images. I help capture the atmosphere of a place in a photograph, bringing out the beauty from unobvious angles. I can do a promotional session for a town or city, a regional tourist organization, a national park or a travel agency. I also continue to develop my reportage and editorial portfolio.

For me, attention to detail has always naturally blended with a love for unique places and food, and my mission is to capture originality and beauty, such as through details in interiors or creative framing. My mission is to tell authentic stories tailored to the character of a place or brand strategy through photography. I believe that good photography for business is an investment, and that matching the aesthetics to the values and idea behind the brand is the key to success. It is important to me to take a professional and individual approach to each project because I believe that a good photo shoot is worth more than the best advertising campaign.

I have been doing aerial photography for 3 years. I am a licensed drone operator with a qualification certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority. Capturing spendid nature always make me realize how small we are in the context of the power of nature.

I always fly in accordance with the laws of Poland and abroad. I have the highest quality equipment from the top brand DJI. If you are interested in presenting your business from a remarkable, original perspective that will attract attention, I will be happy to hear from you.

If you need professional aerial photography, I will be happy to take:

  • beautiful editorial photography for your business, hotel, vacation resort or restaurant,
  • photographs of real estate, parcels of land, documenting the construction and progress of investment works of hotels and houses, “before and after” photos 
  • interesting advertising photos,
  • photographic coverage of festivals, celebrations, parties and cultural events,
  • exceptional bird’s eye view photos of weddings and other family celebrations

My work is inspired by the beauty of life, people and their creations. If you have an idea for a photo shoot - email me.